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Airchat is a creative Chatbot agency.

A Chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users.
Airchat objectives are to assist companies in their digital innovative projects and support them in customer relationship management by developing specific Chatbot.
The Customer Service Chatbot is one of the most successful of the "selfcare" or " digital care" client, which consists in giving back autonomy to the customer by allowing
him to find himself the answer to his question. The benefit of a chatbot includes the ability to mass-process the most recurrent and basic queries, which will allow teams to free up time to focus their efforts on high value-added queries.

Frictionless experience

No downloading new apps. No creating new accounts with annoying email validations. Your customers are already on Chat (WhatsApp, Messenger…).

Example: if a customer wants to know the location of a stadium, he justs have to ask the bot which will give him instantaneously the exact location and how to reach.

● 24/7 availability & reactivity Active engagement fosters better relations and improves customer relationships. Our chatbots keep customers engaged round the clock.
Example : if thousand of customer ask a question in same time

● Continuous learning
Remember relevant user details to keep evolving so that you can personalize experiences. Your chatbot is analyzing and understanding conversations

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