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BlueSolutions, an international group dedicated to energy storage

BlueSolutions markets energy storage solutions with a capacity ranging from 250 kWh to several MWh. These Lithium Metal Polymer batteries are designed and manufactured by BlueSolutions in
France and Canada. Vital to the energy transition challenge, they can be used to manage intermittent renewable energy production and can be integrated into new energy access solutions. They can be integrated into a comprehensive solution by BlueSolutions partners or offered as a turnkey solution supporting energy production and including conversion or energy management.


BlueSolutions develops energy storage solutions to address energy transition challenges and provide energy access to all.

BlueSolutions offers storage systems integrating Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP®) battery technology and characterized by their safety of use and their performance, regardless of the thermal environment and with no cooling system. They meet the requirements of both off-grid and on-grid energy storage applications.

In addition to supplying batteries to integrators, BlueSolutions offers a comprehensive service solution worldwide, including:

– optimizing the sizing of the solution

– customizing the Energy Management System (EMS),

– transport and logistics,

– installation,

– remote supervision and on-site maintenance, relying on the global presence of the Bolloré Group.

Depending on the application, BlueSolutions operates as its customers’ dedicated point of contact and, in conjunction with its partners, offers turnkey solutions combining electricity production, storage and conversion.

Our solutions meet the needs of off-grid and on-grid energy storage applications.

Our technology is Unique -> LMP®: cutting-edge, effective and safe technology

Backed by more than 20 years of research, the Bolloré Group is the only manufacturer that masters solid-state Lithium Metal Polymer technology (LMP®)

Considered as safer than other battery technologies, these fourth-generation batteries present major benefits.

Made of thin films produced using extrusion techniques perfected by the Bolloré Group, LMP® batteries stand out by their high energy density, safety of use, and performances :

-They are not affected by high external temperatures and do not need any cooling system thus preserving excellent performance with improved reliability

Operating up to more than 105 ° C, they do not present a risk of thermal runaway thus ensuring optimum safety

-They are solvent-free and contain no “rare earths” so the risks of local pollution are especially limited in the event of an accident or violation of the battery pack integrity.

-They do not undergo a calendar aging keeping all their capacity along their lifespan

-They are composed of cells made in France and Canada, without rare earths or cobalt

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