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With origins in Group Catair in 1996, and founded by its Co-CEO’s Olivier Sadran and Jonathan Stent-Torriani,
Newrest is the only major catering company active in all catering and related hospitality segments including airline catering,
 buy-on-board, duty-free on board, contract catering, remote site and support services,
rail catering, airport and motorway retail.

With revenues under management of almost 1.8 Billion Euros in 2016-17 and more than 30,800 employees world-wide in 49 countries, Newrest is also the first largest ‘independent’ airline caterer world-wide.

At year end closing 2017 (September) Newrest is 88,7% management-owned, with its managers holding its capital (310 managers). The remaining capital is held by Naxicap Partners (5.2%), Ardian (ex. Axa PE) (2.8%), Duti Participations (1,9%) and BNP Paribas Dvpt (1.4%).

Newrest is committed to constant improvement and innovation for its clients, the well-being and progress of its employees and managers, a sustainable and durable development of the company, and total respect of social and environmental values in all of its activities.

Established since 2013 in Qatar, Newrest Gulf is a major player in the catering Qatari market.

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Olivier Billerey
Country Manager

Phone: +974 5043 7295