“At the crossroad between human, social and economic development, sport links people around shared values, embodied by Qatar’s National Vision 2030.”

In line with these values, Qatar has been increasingly and successfully positioning itself as a world key player in sport events for the last decade: it successfuly hosted the XVth Asian Games in 2006 and the 2015 World Men’s Handball Championship. Qatar will also welcome the 2019 World Championships in Athletics.
In 2022, it will become the first Arab country to host the FIFA Football World Cup, the most watched sports event worldwide, and the first gateway to the Middle-East for many people from all the continents.
Both in Qatar and in France, we are all delighted about this upcoming event which is also an exciting challenge. Qatar has proven its commitment to organize a first-class event with a strong focus on sustainability and durability. The country is set to deliver highly innovative solutions which will require technological innovation, strong work ethics and excellence in all sectors. Through its environmental-friendly installations and cutting-edge infrastructures, Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup will be a unique and state-of-the-art event. In the meantime, France, is preparing for the 2016 European Football Cup, uniting its best companies – multinationals as well as SMEs – around one common goal and one shared vision. They all excel in the various sectors (Construction & transportation, Energy & environment, Security & telecommunications, Communications, events & services) involved while committing to strong CSR standards. Gathering these companies within one team, French Team for Sport, was designed to further develop the long-standing partnership uniting France and Qatar, towards a cooperation focused on the 2022 FIFA World Cup and beyond.

His Excellency Eric CHEVALLIER French Ambassador to the State of Qatar from 2014 – 2018


French Embassy to the State of Qatar